Our Partners

The Matter Wave and Quantum Optics Group works closely with the following partners;

The UK’s Quantum Technologies Hub


“Wolf von Klitzing is the leader of the BEC and Matter Waves group (link to external pageslink to IESL page), which works on Bose Einstein Condensation and matter-wave interferometry.”


Eugene Polzik at Quantop, Niels Bohr Institute


Charles Adams At Durham University

“Current interests: In 2006 we began working on highly excited Rydberg atoms. In particular, we are interested in exploiting the large (long wavelength) dipoles associated with Rydberg states to enhance optical non-linearities at the single photon level, for applications in quantum optics and quantum information processing. We first demonstrated the cooperative enhancement of the non-linearity due to dipole-dipole interactions in 2010. More recently, we have also begun looking at dipole-dipole interactions using only shorter wavelength optical dipoles. More information is available on the research pages of our cold and hot atom experiments.”


Igor Lesanovsky at the University of Nottingham


Ron Folman at the Atom Chip Lab at Ben-Gurion University



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